We Serve Clients With Budgets From $1000 To $10,000.

Budgets can be directed towards any combination of Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, or Web Based Marketing services.

Website Development

Free Phone Consultation web design st louis Initial Phone Call - No Charge: Initial phone call between ourselves and the client to gain a high level understanding of Project Requirements, Client Goals, and Technical requirements.  We use this information to validate we have the knowledge and skillsets to properly complete the project to the client’s full satisfaction.  A verbal quote of the expected range of project costs will be provided at this stage.
Project Requirements Meeting Web Design St Louic Project Requirements Meeting - $250 Flat Fee: A Project Requirements Meeting will be conducted remotely via a web meeting.  On Site meetings are available for $100.00 additional + travel expenses if any.  A formal written proposal prepared and presented to client.  Deliverables for this step include: MindMap of Project Requirements Meeting, Project Plan, and Detailed Project Pricing.  This fee is payable in advance and there is no obligation to further work. 
Project Deposit Web Design St Louis Contract Execution - 30% Deposit:  Fomalizes our relationship.  First activity is a review of theme direction and development of a Content Worksheet where the client will provide images, text, headings, page titles, etc.   Upon receipt of Content Worksheet actual site development commences.
Mid Project Milestone Web Design St Louis Mid-Project Milestone - 30% Payment Due:  Client is provided an opportunity to review work in progress.  The timing varies by Project.
Project Completion Web Design St Louis Project Completion - 30% Payment Due: Upon client final approval and acceptance.  Go Live is after receipt of this payment.
Last Payment Web Design St Louis Post Go Live - Remaining 10% Balance: Due 7 days after Go-Live. 

Search Engine Optimization

No reputable SEO consultant will make an off-hand estimate, or set a ‘price per site’ for their services.  Everything depends upon your goals and targets, the nature of your business, your audience, and more.

Simple ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’ and ‘Bronze’ packages don’t work for SEO.  SEO isn’t something you install or plug in to your website.  It’s not a ‘one-time’ operation. Good SEO is a process.  Research and planning are critical components of it.

We price our SEO services on a project, program, or hourly basis that is determined only after meeting with you and learning about your unique situation and goals.

Logo Design

A logo is the identity of a brand and stays with a business for a long time. Getting the design of your logo right should be one of the fundamentals of your brand strategy.

We take the time to fully understand the image your want your logo to portray. Logo Designs range from $150 to $500 depending on the number of iterations and deliverable file formats.

3 Ways To Lower The Cost Of Your Web Development Project

Know What You Want.  Labor is the single largest expense in building a website.  Someone has to invest the time to make all the decisions on themes, content, imagery, etc.   By taking on more of that task yourself you can lower the time required on your developer's side to pull it all together.  Of course, if you need our assistance, that is why we are here. 

Know What You Want EXACTLY.  Carrying the above thought one step further the more you can lock in your vision and define it in writing the less time your developer has to spend eliciting it from you.  That translates directly into lower project costs.

Know What You Want EXACTLY, AND Have All Of The Collateral.  If you can supply up front all of the Page Titles, Theme Style, Color Pallates, Headings, All Text, and Images (Cropped and Scaled, Proper Format -  jpg, gif, png) you can significantly impact the cost of the project.

E-Mail Campaigns

Running a business is time consuming, so use our expertise to help you get more sales, more leads and ultimate save time while creating MORE revenue!  We’ll handle everything from the e-mail strategy, design, copywriting, list management and integrate it with your other channels such as facebook, twitter, websites and other outlets.

Email Marketing Web Design St Louis

Email marketing is one of the most effective and powerful forms of marketing today.  It’s quick and easy to implement, offers immediate and highly measurable results, enables advanced segmentation and personalization, and delivers a high return on investment.  Couple that with MailChimp’s innovative tools and features and you have a marketing match made in heaven, or so we think.  Pricing for Email Campaigns can only be determined after meeting with you and learning about your unique situation and goals.

PPC Campaigns

The chart below shows a number of common programs.  Custom programs are available.






Setup Fee





Monthly Fee





# of Ad Groups

Up to 8

Up to 15

Up to 25

Up to 40

# of Ads Per Group

Up to 5

Up to 10

Up to 15

Up to 20

ROI Report





Conversion Tracking





Monitor Google Analytics





Call Tracking





Mindmapping Sessions

Mindmapping sessions are priced per hour of actual meeting time.  Included in the rate is:

  • Pre-meeting Discovery Session
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Mindmap Deliverable
  • Post-Meeting Wrap Up Report - Lessons Learned


On-line Meeting via Teamviewer $ 250.00 / hr
On-Site Meeting

$ 350.00 / hr + travel expenses, if any

Mindmapping Session Web Design St Louis